Excessive interest in oneself and one's physical appearance


Narcissism 101

This is one of the issues that person could have. It could be positive or negative. Many people could have been affected by these. Many people say they are a narcissist because they love themselves. They want to receive praise from the deeds that they had done. There is a two face to this issue. It can be positive when it is used rightly but it can also be a negative one when it results in a negative thing that affects the lives of other people.

Let us see first in the negative part of this thing. The one who is a narcissist will not be liked by many because he only likes to talk about himself and boasts of his achievements and other things that he had done. The narcissistĀ that is negative had appearedĀ in a myth and is now being used widely. There is the disorder already of being a narcissist. It is not a good quality and it affects the surroundings and the people whom the person speaks and be with.

If it affects the other person around him then it will damage the relationship but it may be hard for the one to recognize it. That is why it is not good. But all is not in the bad side as there could be the need to be a narcissist in the positive point of view. If you do not love yourself then you will allow yourself to be controlled by other people. You can even lose what is your independent view but may rely on the decision and will of others.