Life's Bittersweet Simplicities

13th Feb 09

and the early of 14th Feb, Valentines Day. be warned. this is an extremely picture heavy post. hohum. i noticed this albums really dark but yeah whateveer. how often do u see me edit my pics anyway. pretty much almost never

miko and my ass
scary smile

and i really did fall asleep “=_=

chippy baby

more ugly pics of me. good grief

nat chai being domesticated.
hello my illusion-ed long skinny hand friend

pink icing!

us poor sods who were commisioned to ice the beloved “guai lous” gfs vday present. pfft

not bad right my skills T_T say not bad

a bit squiggly la T___T

my name in corean apparently!

nats creation “=_=

i like this pic.

whos fingers?

“guai lou” and his girl =)

pretty cool pic

thats fugz btw

222 again laaaaa. telur setengah masak the bomb


interesting story behind this pic. hmm
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