Excessive interest in oneself and one's physical appearance


Looking at the effect of social media: Are you a narcissist?

There is no harm when you love yourself. When you know what is your value and what is your place in one surrounding or place. If you have the confidence that you can do something and know that you can produce a good result if you do something. But there could be the negative effect when it becomes all yourself and you do not care for other people. When you only think how can you be good and your status is valued by many.

Even in the social media, the issue of the narcissist character is still being manifested. It becomes an issue because the social media is one that could drive it as it is very easy to access and also to use it. Even the children can be able to have their own account. The best thing is that when there is a balance. One could have his own account and so he can do anything he wants with it. But you can observe if someone is so much concerned with himself.

There is a study that they had conducted as also put in the infographic about using the social media and being narcissistic. As the selfie was developed, it became an instant hit that even years after, it is still being practiced. They even produced sticks to help in capturing selfies. But as we have said, if it is all in balance then it is okay but when it becomes the opposite it is already a problem as it can affect the relationship to other people.