Excessive interest in oneself and one's physical appearance


Origin of Narcissism, too much Self-Love

Narcissism is an obsession towards yourself and this disorder can be struck with this. Well, we love our self. However, narcissism is totally different from loving yourself as a person, this is loving who you are. Narcissism gives a negative trait that is to love yourself to the point of rejecting others. The narcissism came out from the character “Narcissus” in Greek mythology created by Homer. Narcissus when wandering found a cistern and he looked into it and saw an image.

He fell in love with the image but this image because it is handsome. However, the image that he saw never came out. Critics say that it is his reflection. He always comes out to see that image until he died waiting for it. Like this people fall in love with their image because of the mirror. Another that influences self-love is the digital cameras where people look so beautiful in it but in person, they are not that beautiful. Many people are showing self-love through social media. Catering service from this restaurant is so nice. Click here 川丰 to know more. Their buffet food here are totally delicious.

People are trying to avoid this but as long as you are addicted to your phone, you will always admire yourself and you will find out that only your face is in your album. You could fill your phone with other people’s pictures, plants, animals, and nature. But if you are a narcissist, your album will prove it. Make your day be worthy of foods you want to eat over this catering company 外燴. This is actually an advantage of those who have no mobile phones or smartphones, they can avoid it as long as they can.