Excessive interest in oneself and one's physical appearance


Identifying A Narcissist

It is said that you should give a good impression when you will meet someone first. That is because that is the one that they will think of you for a long time. But there is also the danger of basing your judgment on the first impression. That is because that person could give all positive energy during that first meeting but the time will come when you will ask yourself if that is really the person that you had known and come to admire.

Here is the list so you can somehow take a peek on the personality of a person if they are a narcissist.

The most common one is that they only love themselves. You can observe in their words and also in their action. Sometimes you need more time here. They do not take into consideration the feelings of other people if they would be hurt or not.

They also like to receive praise or positive comments or anything that would make them look good and feel good.

They can also just use other people so that they will have what they want.

They say things that it seems that they are already expert on that subject and they seem to be the leader as he knows much and also has the will and positive energy.

They also only see themselves as the one who is doing good and at the top of the pedestal. They are the ones who receive praise for their work.

They show the ability to influence other peoples so that they will follow what is their thinking or decision on something.