Excessive interest in oneself and one's physical appearance


Trauma Bonding

There are instances where those who have someone close to them now becomes the one who tortures them. They make many ways to make them feel very weak, powerless and useless. Even if they know that they should leave the person but they cannot. They lost the power. To understand how it happens, let us see the steps that lead to the trauma bonding that is the reason why a person does not have the willpower to leave.

A shower of so much love.

You then trust them and now start to be dependent on them.

Now is the stage of giving criticism where they start to blame you when something happens negatively. They also now have a demanding attitude.

They influence your thought. They let you think that following them is the best thing to do so that all things will be okay. They give you the idea that if you will do what they thought you then they will give you much love again.

You are now confused and you come to think that your thought is not good but theirs is what you should follow so that all will be okay just like in the first stage.

When you try to enforce what you think is right, they now make the abuse heavier so that you are the one who will give up. You will desire peace and you are the one who will give up so that there could be peace. You desire the stage one to come back. You now think yourself as the lowest.

This is the stage where you already know what is happening. You know you should leave but you cannot.